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About me:

BSc in Electrical Engineering and working as an Embedded Software Engineer.


  1. RTOS_Cortex-M3
    RTOS from scratch for ARM Cortex-M3.

  2. c_matrix_library
    Statically linked Matrix library written in C language, suitable for Embedded devices. Unit tested.

  3. Optimal-REQUEST
    Algorithm for attitude determination.

  4. rain_alert
    Alert via an email if it will be raining today.

  5. Biot-Savart-law
    MATLAB Library for numerical calculation of Biot-Savart law.

  6. karaoke-maker
    App that will search and download a video from Youtube, search for lyrics, remove vocals from video and export it as mp3. Perfect for karaoke. 🎤


Ivan Vnučec
Zagreb, Croatia